Amp India’s 21MW Solar Plant in Karnataka, India: Commissioned in 3 Months to Meet Regulatory and PPA Deadlines

While Amp India was building the 39MW open access power plant in Karnataka, the appetite of the existing customers to buy more power improved. To meet all the customer commitments, Amp India decided to build an additional plant with a stiff target to commission it in 3 months. The plant was commissioned on 25th March, 2018. It is supplying solar power to marquee commercial and industrial customers in Karnataka through Open Access mechanism.

The plant is spread across an area of 73.2 acres in a remote, forest land and uses seasonal tilt technology to optimise solar power generation. The project was completed in a record time period of 3 months which is a tremendous achievement, considering the size of the installation and terrain of the project site.

Not only was the plant built in record time to meet the customer and regulatory requirements, it was also leveraged by construction debt followed by a take out by long term debt at COD in this short time. Further the same plant’s debt was refinanced by a leading infrastructure debt fund after a year.

With this project, Amp India established a track record of building and financing open grid connected open access plants in very tight timelines to meet customer commitments. As a result, a lot of customers have given repeat orders to Amp.


For Amp media enquiries, please contact

For Amp media enquiries, please contact