Amp India’s 8.5MW Solar Rooftop Project for L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail: One of the Largest Behind the Meter Distributed Generation Projects in India

Amp India is developing an 8.5MW solar rooftop project for L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail in Hyderabad, India. Amp has entered into a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail for 25 years, to supply solar power to its 20 stations and 2 depots in Hyderabad.

This plant is one of the largest “Behind the Meter Distributed Generation” Projects in India. This is a particularly challenging project because it is a multi-location project on operational metro stations, and therefore it involved working on these stations in the night and only for a few hours.

The rooftop plant would help the Hyderabad Metro meet a part of its energy requirement though solar energy.

This project has established Amp India’s capability of building and financing large, complex and challenging distributed generation projects.

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