Golden Pheasant

July 26, 2019 Fraser Hall

July 26, 2019 – What’s going on here? Huntsville Golden Pheasant plant at 620 Hwy. 60

HUNTSVILLE — Construction notices have greeted Fairy Vista Trail trekkers near the Golden Pheasant Waste-Water Treatment Plant off Highway 60 in Huntsville this summer.

District of Muskoka staffers confirmed the construction relates to a solar generation installation underway at the district-operated plant.


• The solar installation, awarded to Amp Solar Group in 2018, will help offset the plant’s energy consumption

• The plant consumed 971,916 kilowatt hours of electricity and 152,004 cubic meters of natural gas in 2018

• The system aims to generate electricity from a renewable source equal to roughly five per cent of the district’s annual electricity, and offset roughly 80 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually

• Estimates suggest the system will also net nearly $2 million in revenue over 25 years

• The installation will sit on three acres of surplus land not needed for future plant expansion, and in an area with the least impact to trees on the property

• Signs are posted to notify Fairy Vista Trail users of any potential trail closures

• Trail closures are meant to be restricted to weekdays during construction